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At Born Sloppy we blend American cuisine with local English produce, to produce the best quality Sloppy Joes, Dirty Fries and Naughty Nachos.


Each base is of the highest quality being from Proper bread, fresh cut maris piper chips, or top spec gluten free tortilla chips. You can then choose one of our famous toppings delicious home cooked bolognaise, Hearty vegan chilli or the Special of the Day, topping off each dish off with crunchy coronation coleslaw, green salad, optional mature cheddar cheese and optional jalapenos. With all these choices it gives our menu an abundance of unique and delicious flavours..

In a market that celebrates variety, food innovation and ultimately taste, we believe Born Sloppy stands out from the crowd. Butcher, Mr Broomhall and greengrocer, Ian, have helped us keep our produce as local and delicious as possible, ensuring that our hearty English produce stands out in a typically American dish.We have spent a lot of time formulating the perfect recipes and we believe the quality of the ingredients, and the passion they are brought together with, really shines through.


Our Bolognaise is slow cooked for 4 hours before service, ensuring an abundance of flavor which, when combined with the right amount of seasoning and secret ingredients, makes this bolognaise irresistible.​ 

Dirty Fries have become a staple on every pub chain in the UK. We believe our Naughty Fries are next level. We double fry our hand cut chips ensuring a crispy outer and a soft fluffy inner. We then cover the chips with any of our delicious slop and pile on cheese and jalapenos. Instead of microwaved sachets of pulled pork or mince, our slops are homemade and use all the hearty produce grown in your local area.

At the Bigger festivals when there is morning trade we have a different menu for the morning. This includes a create your own breakfast with Egg, bacon, Sausage, Veggie fingers, Hash browns, Beans and Cheese.

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